Turn It All Down.

It's not often those working the city grind every truly get to take an honest break. We spend our days hustling from one location to the next, one meeting to another, and find ourselves  on the wrong end of a food truck more often than we'd like to admit.

The reality however, is that we don't have to live this way...we choose to. The constant buzz of the city seems to inwardly drive us towards constant motion...and caffine...believe us...we get it. 

However, lately we've discovered the beauty of being able to simply "turn it all down." 

The clarity, of a restful mind is nothing to scoff at, and so many people struggle, or simply don't know how to calm their brains, to take a break. The problem really isn't too complex, but finding a solution can seem impossible unless you train your mind to relax. 

Sounds silly...we know...but trust us, it's not.

Having the ability to calm your mind, means having the ability to control  your mind...and with it your emotions. 

Recently we've learned that there are some very simple things you can do on a daily basis, to start training your brain and body to chill out. But be warned, these 5 suggestions may not be what you're expecting. 


1. Make sure you eat breakfast - Ideally within an hour of waking up. 

-Okay...maybe you were expecting this one. However, this doesn't mean slam a donut down  your gullet and call it good. Balance your meals like mama taught you! Oh and add the equivalent of at least 1 bottle of cold water to that breakfast. Hydration is immensly important!

2. Try taking a cold shower.

-This is not a joke. The EvrGear crew does this every morning and night, and it's changed our lives. Cold showers not only wake you up like a foghorn, but can help to aid with things like fat loss, muscle recovery, and as an added bonus, help to cut down on caffine intake. Look it up. 

3. Stop checking your phone constantly.

- This doesn't need an explanation, but keeping yourself constantly wired into all the nonsense and noise happening around you is terribly unhealthy. The reality is, if it's important...someone will make sure you know about it.  

4. Meditate for 15-30 minutes daily.

- This is probably the most important item on this list. Until you understand yourself, you will never be able to fully control your mind. If you're uncomfortable with this idea, good...it means you need it more than you realize. Get on youtube, find a guided mediation, turn the lights down, and spend some time with yourself. It's worth every one of those 15 minutes.

5. Speaking of lights...look up red light therapy, and blue light avoidance.

-There are many studies that suggest the blue light emitted from our phones, tablets, TV's, computers...etc are wreaking havoc on our circadian rythmns. Apps like Twilight (for phones) and F.Lux (for computers) are designed to automatically cut the blue light out of the spectrum emitted from our devices to help counter this. If you want to take it a step further...turn the screens off after 5pm, install red-bulb night lights throughout your house, and use that time without screens do productive things like hobbies, exercising, or reading. 


Last but not least, make sure you get a good night's sleep. There is no replacement for an epic slumber, but staying up to the wee hours, and getting up at the crack of dawn for work is one of the easiest ways to mess up your brain and body.

Our goal here at EvrGear is to bring you great gear, at great prices, but we also want to do what we can to help you get and remain the best version of yourself possible, so you can get out there and use our gear!

We'll be doing installations on this blog covering all different kinds of things, but we wanted to start here where it matters most.

Take control of your mind...and learn to turn it all down. 

Give these suggestions a try, and let us know what you think on our Facebook Page!



Until next time.

- Joe & Brennen